About Us

I first started making soaps in 2000 because of my desire to find a soap that was non-drying and good for your skin.  I wanted to find a soap that would be soothing and moisturizing and also be free of any detergents. It was a continuous learning process until I finally found the right balance of oils and butters I was looking for to give me a moisturizing bar of soap with a creamy fluffy lather.
My entire line of soaps are made with milk for a luxurious and hydrating effect.  Goat milk and buttermilk have been used for centuries as beauty aids.  Milks restore and rejuvenate the skin due to the alpha hydroxy acids they contain.  Goat milk and buttermilk also contain fats, as do all milks, so your skin will never be dry.  Coconut milk is used in my vegan soaps.  Your skin will definitely thank you after experiencing the creamy feeling of these soaps on your hands, face and entire body.  Approximately 90% of the oils and butters used in my soaps are organic.  Once you try handmade soaps you will definitely notice a difference and will be totally spoiled.
 My product line has since grown to include lotions, herbal deodorant, salt/sugar scrubs, lip balms and other products to pamper yourself. I make everything by hand and take no shortcuts. My products are made with only the best ingredients and are made in small batches to guarantee freshness.
I strive to carry superior products at an affordable price!!
Absolutely none of my products are tested on animals.  My products contain a wide variety of oils, butters and some bee products.  Please do not use if you have allergies to any of these products.  Photos of soaps on my website are necessarily what they will look like when received, as I am constantly changing colors with each new batch made.
If you see something on my website that says "sold out", please call or message me as I automatically set to zero when there are only 1 or 2 bars left and I may have what you want or  need.
Sit back and enjoy browsing and reading about my products, and treat yourself to some of life's "little luxuries".  You certainly deserve it!!!!

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